Local Bird Sightings via Birdtrax (eBird.com)

See what birds are being found within a 50 mile radius of the Wildlife Center:

Join in on the fun and see what you can find.  Here's some 2013-14 rare sightings...

Marsh Sandpiper - Liberty Island Rd, Solano County (second occurrence in lower 48)

Gyrfalcon (white morph) - Eel River Preserve, Humboldt CO, CA

Painted Redstart - Berkeley, CA                                       Hermit Warbler, Modesto, CA

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Don Castro Regional Park     Little Bunting, Mckinelyville, CA

European Goldfinch, Coyote Hills Regional Park               Black-backed Woodpecker, Lyons Creek Trail

Blue-footed Booby, between Muir & Stinson Beach                          Tropical Kingbird, Walnut Creek, CA

Mute Swan, south of Napa, CA                                                          Northern Shrike, south of Napa, CA

Gray Hawk, Carpentaria, CA