Badger and Grey Fox released on Kings Ranch - 7/27/10

The Wildlife Center received their first Badger in all the years since it opened in 1977.  He was found outside of Vacaville and was very debilitated and covered with ticks.  He  must have been driven away from his home and food source (mostly ground squirrels) and  he became emaciated and began attracting a large amount of ticks.  Medicine was administered for the ticks and food was provided and within about two weeks, he was starting to get tougher to handle, always a good sign. 

With the help of our friends at the Solano Land Trust, Executive Director Nicole Byrd and Sue Wickham, we arranged to release him at Kings Ranch - a beautiful place in the hills above Interstate 680.  We also brought along a young Grey Fox that was ready to reenter the wild.  Wildlife Center Manager Margie Furco was assisted by volunteer Mark Baides, whose two sons came to observe.  Photos as well as additional Badger handling were provided by Center senior raptor handler Jim Furco.  Thanks to all for this wonderful release!

Upon release, the Fox quickly bolted from the carrier and made its way to the nearby riparian woods - as quickly as possible.


The Badger had a set of healthy teeth and claws - and was ready to use them.  He left the carrier a bit slower than the fox and walked away - stopping every once and a while to look around and look back to make sure we weren't following.  He made for the grassy hills that are filled with ground squirrels.  As the Badger walked through the grass, the squeals of the squirrels could be heard all over the hills.  The Badger will being more balance to the ecosystem that is in need of culling.

For those who are working on the Badger coloring page, below are some good shots you can use to pick your colors... or pick any colors you'd like!

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