California Condors - South of Monterey

Tim & Monique Liguori

In January 2009, we had to take a trip down south to pick up Kaiu, the coyote.  We decided to travel along the coast and hope for a chance to see a California Condor.  In our 30+ years of birding, Monique and I had not yet found a condor.  Our luck was fortunate because the coast was spectacularly beautiful and we struck condor.  14 condors... all in one place. And 6 more just south along the seashore.  Below are some pictures from the trip.

This is the location of the house and region south of Monterey where you are most likely to see them.  It is, definitely, no guarantee - but the coastal area is always worth the trip.  The views are attractive and distractive.  Drive carefully!

Just north of the house, we spotted a large vulture looking bird.  And then, almost at the same time, we saw the white on the wings.  We scrambled for the car and sped to where it flew.  Stopped at the pull out shown below and dropped our jaw.

They were right there and flying all over - some sitting on the roof of the house.  Being at the edge of the coastal bluff, they would fly just over our heads - about 10-15 feet away.  And their wings make a rush of noise when gliding by.

We caught a couple mating on the roof top, so they are alive and doing well.  Enjoy the pix & take a trip!

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