Mammals of the Suisun Marsh

Common Opossum

Beechey Ground Squirrel

Ornate Shrew

Botta Pocket Gopher

Suisun Shrew

Heerman Kangaroo Rat

Broad-Handed Mole


Little Brown Myotis

Western Harvest Mouse

Yuma Myotis

Salt-Marsh Harvest Mouse

Long-Eared Myotis

Deer Mouse

Fringed Myotis

California Meadow Mouse

Hairy-Winged Myotis


California Myotis

Norway Rat

Small-Footed Myotis

Black Rat

Silvery-Haired Bat

House Mouse

Western Pipistrelle

Gray Fox

Big Brown Bat


Red Bat

Long-Tailed Weasel

Hoary Bat


Lump-Nosed Bat


Pallid Bat

Spotted Skunk

Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat

Striped Skunk

Western Mastiff Bat

River Otter

Black-Tailed Hare


Audubon Cottontail

Mule Deer


Tule Elk

Wildlife of the Suisun Marsh
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