Suisun Marsh Natural History Association

Environmental Education Program

Presentations and Field Trips

for Private and Public Schools, Youth Groups and Adult Organizations

Wildlife Presentations - Enjoy a presentation with native California wildlife at the Suisun Wildlife Center, or at your school or other location!

• Suisun Wildlife Center Presentation: An opportunity to visit the Suisun Wildlife Center   The Center's resident wildlife will be viewed close up and discussed, including the Coyote, Opossum, Golden Eagle and other birds of prey. Group limit 35 total.
30 minute presentation - $85
60 minute presentation - $100

• Wildlife Rescue Presentation - Shown at your location, covering the rescue and rehabilitation efforts of the Suisun Wildlife Center, including an up-close look at non-releasable wildlife.
   30 minute presentation - $  85
    (suitable for pre-school and above - see note below*)
   60 minute presentation - $100
   Assembly Presentation - $200

• Owls - Silent Hunters of the Night: A audio-visual presentation covering various species of owls and their night calls, including an up close look at some non-releasable local owls.
($100 / 60 minutes. Slide show, Interpreter and non-releasable Owl presentation)

• Reptiles: A look at some native California reptiles combined with a pictorial view of their natural history as well as other North American reptiles.
($100 / 60 minutes. Slide show, Interpreter and Reptile presentation.)

Field Trips

• Suisun Marsh: An interpretive walk through the Peytonia Ecological Reserve examining this unusual brackish water ecosystem and investigating its history, native plants and animals, and their ecological relationships.
($100 / 90 minutes. Limit 35)

• Native American: A walk through the Rockville Hills Park highlighting the customs and history of the local Native Americans living here before the Spanish conquests and American arrival. Native plants, birds and animals and their uses will be included.
($100 / 120 minutes. Limit 35)

Nature Presentations

• Suisun Marsh: A pictorial survey of the unique features and ecosystems of Solano's brackish marshes.
($75 / 60 minutes. Slide show and Interpreter)

• Rockville Hills Park: An interesting visual tour through Solano's only publicly owned coastal live oak forest including its native flowers, grasses and chaparral oriented wildlife.
($75 / 60 minutes. Slide show and Interpreter)

• Native American: A historical presentation focused on the Native Americans that occupied the Rockville Hills park area. Including a short biography of Chief Solano.
($75 / 60 minutes. Slide show and Interpreter)

• Hummingbirds: A study of North American Hummingbirds including rehabilitation techniques.
($75 / 60 minutes. Slide show and Interpreter)

• Bird Identification: Beginning skills in bird watching, including techniques and methods.
($50 / 30 minutes. Slide show and Interpreter)

 • Butterflies, Insects and Spiders: An interesting and colorful look at the variety of "bugs" that surround us.
($50 / 30 minutes. Slide show and Interpreter)

• Rocks and Minerals: An introduction to the world of Rocks and Minerals, including crystaline structures and gemstones.
($85 / 60 minutes. Slide show, Interpreter and Display)

• Weather: An introduction to the basic principles of weather, focusing on the Bay Area. Includes some methods of meteorology and various weather phenomenon.
($50 / 30 minutes. Slide show and Interpreter)

• Stargazing: An introduction to basic Astronomy. Objects of our Solar System as well as deep space will be examined. Various constellations will be shown.
($50 / 30 minutes. Slide show and Interpreter)

Our charges are very affordable and the funds go directly to support the Suisun Wildlife Center.

... and MORE.

*All presentations, other than the 30 minute Wildlife Rescue show, are intended for 3rd graders to adults.
The 30 minute Wildlife Rescue show is suitable for pre-school and up.


Although we are based in Solano County, we will consider other counties nearby for programs and services.
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